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Enliven Collaboration
Enliven Equity and Inclusion
Enliven Leadership
Enliven Disruption
Enliven Learning

Training, speaking and consulting that enlivens engagement, nurtures leadership and sparks change


Dr. Nitin Deckha (he/him/his), Principal at Enliven Learning is a cultural anthropologist, adult educator and certified training and development professional. He has 15 years of experience in designing and delivering learning across virtual, hybrid and in-person formats, focusing on intercultural fluency, diversity, equity, inclusion and the future of work.


We partner with clients to solve challenges in responding to the future of work and employee engagement, reaching diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging goals faster  and fostering intercultural and global collaboration teams.


  • Speaking

  • Curriculum design

  • Custom training

  • DEIB engagement and integration



Be an enlivening learning partner to support clients in their quest for greater inclusion, collaboration, and engagement.



Nitin partners with you to design an original solution - whether a keynote speech, a leadership retreat or a train-the-trainer workshop -  that leverages researched insights and best practices to enliven learning that can lead to innovation and transformation. 


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